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The Dartmoor Difference part two.


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From the DRM Facilitators

The DRM is having a positive effect in the prison so over the next few weeks I’m sharing some of the amazing case studies.  These are written by our team and I’m only sorry I can’t share their names and give them the credit they truly deserve for doing this work.

A violent man with a high status reputation in the prison who has been in and out of prison his whole life was willing to have our DRM Facilitators explain what they do. He told them that he intended to commit suicide and regularly self harmed. After agreeing to alert the necessary staff to his intention, he agreed to have more DRM sessions. Over time he opened up and trust began to strengthen so much so that the facilitators were able to take a few risks and give him some feedback. Sometime later another prisoner approached the facilitators asking for mediation with this man. The Facilitators were very nervous about asking him but he agreed to attend. They experienced him as accepting, apologetic, honest and accountable. This was not how he would normally have reacted. He has continued to work with the Facilitators and has stopped self harming, changed his behaviour and is looking forward to undertaking the self reflection pack that I wrote about a few blogs ago.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

When I hear these stories and meet the people involved, I honestly see how everything I have been through, running a hand to mouth charity, having funding bids turned down, has been worth it.

The Wednesday Whisper

Have you been through hardship in order to stick to your vision?


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