Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness Moments

Snooze Button

As I prepare to visit my newly born Granddaughter in America, I’ve been thinking about jet lag, crying babies and sleep deprivation.

Apparently the average sleep cycle lasts approximately 90 to 110 minutes and every sleep cycle has 5 stages. Each one lasts between 5 to 15 minutes, and when sleep is regularly lost or interrupted it can play havoc with your thought processes and your health.

Recently, a friend of mine had a professional sleep analysis done.  During the process, she’d discovered that her habit of hitting the snooze button was a significant factor in her fatigue because she was ultimately being ‘alarmed’ out of her sleep at the very point where her body was preparing for a deeper slumber. It even has a name, it’s called, ‘sleep inertia’ and it can last between 1 and 2 hours.

So the more you hit snooze, the more confused your brain and body become.

Those extra few minutes in bed can throw out your internal body clock to the point where you can’t function properly.

And, if we’re sleep deprived we have even less chance of communicating from a good place.

As for me, I long for those days when I don’t. How about you?

With love, light and gratitude. Maria Arpa -x-

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