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My time has come.

Anyone who knows me in person understands how swearing is just a normal part of the way I speak. I have been told off, labelled and politely asked to curb my language and yet, somehow, it really is a part of how I express myself. Of course, there have been times when I have tried hard to choose my words more carefully and I have found it incredibly difficult.

Now, thanks to academic research, I have ‘free pass’ because researchers at the University of Rochester found that intelligent people are more likely to swear.

It gets better. Another study found that swearing proficiency links to verbal dexterity.

And if that wasn’t enough, swearing also makes you saner. Richard Stevens of Keele University concluded that expressing your emotions in the form of explicit language boosts endorphin levels which makes you happy.

Swearing also eases pain. A study published in theNeuroReport discovered a link between excessive profanity use and an increased tolerance to pain.

And to complete the picture, a team of researchers from the Netherlands, UK, USA and Hong Kong report that people who use profanity are less likely to be associated with lying and deception.

So next time you hear me swear, remember the research proves that I am an intelligent, strong, honest woman.

That’s f**cking great!

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I’m thinking about whether we have come a long way since the comedian Lenny Bruce was arrested for times for using obscene language on stage? Lenny Bruce was a comic genius who worked very hard to ensure that comedy remained uncensored.

The Wednesday Whisper

What’s your position on swearing? If it bothers you, can you identify why?


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