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In a very heart-warming story, Mr Wallace, a business owner in Augusta, Georgia, USA watched CCTV as a man attempted to burgle his restaurant and having smashed his way into the building, left empty handed because the tills were empty. He then crawled out of bed to go clean up on Easter Sunday which was also his birthday.

What did Mr Wallace do next?

He went out on Facebook to try and find the man to offer him a job.

These are the stories of humanity, happening every day that don’t make big headlines. It’s important that we take time to seek out these stories because this is who we really are as humans.

Mr Wallace said, “Your first reaction is anger and frustration, then you think about Easter weekend and think, ‘what’s a better response?’

“What would Jesus do? Would Jesus have somebody locked up or would he offer forgiveness?

“We all as humans have to have a level of forgiveness to each other, and try to find a better way because there’s so much hate in this world… we don’t understand each other’s problems and challenges in life.”


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

This message has certainly stopped me in my tracks. It reminds me to slow down and I wish I had this level of mindfulness when our charity shop was broken into a couple of years ago. His reference to Jesus reminds me of the need for mercy.

The Wednesday Whisper

When did someone have mercy for you? When did you show mercy to others?


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