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What kind of fool am I?


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


The Wednesday Whisper


“The world is full of fools.

  But there comes a time when you’ve got to decide if you want to be a fool among fools, or a fool alone.”

Horace Vandergelder, Hello Dolly


There is nothing quite like seeing old Hollywood movies on a big screen as they were originally intended to be enjoyed. So last week David and I were at the BFI watching Hello Dolly in all its glory. Obsessed as I am with my work, my mind often wanders as I think about what a script would look like if the conversation was had using the Dialogue Road Map. (For example, I could rewrite the Barber of Seville as a 30 minute short story if Figaro had been a DRM Facilitator and sat the Count and Dr Bartolo down in a face to face meeting)  As the plot unfolded I heard the quote above which grabbed my imagination.

Certainly when I look at Brexit I wonder what fools we all are to be able to generate this amount of unhappiness. And then I realise that I’d rather be a fool among fools than a fool alone. So I’m rejoicing in all the imperfection and nonsense knowing that even though my triggers may go off daily, I have the power within to recognise that my triggers are a cue to step back, observe, feel, breathe and make a better quality choice than the action my trigger wants me to take.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

Learning to deal with triggers is proving to be a lifelong journey. Just when I think I have ‘arrived’, something will take me by surprise and remind me that I have more work to do!

The Wednesday Whisper

What triggers you and how do you react? What would you prefer to do instead?


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