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That’s Your Body Clock

A recent study of 91,000 people found depression, bipolar disorder and other problems can be brought on by a disrupted body clock and as societies become less in tune with natural rhythms these problems are likely to increase.

The study found higher rates of major depression, bipolar disorder, more loneliness, lower happiness, worse reaction times and more mood instability in people with body-clock disruption. People highly active at night or inactive during the day were classed as being disrupted.

Professor Smith said, “It wouldn’t be too controversial to say we need to reorganise the way we learn and work to be in tune with our natural rhythms.”

Many of us in the holistic world have known this intuitively but it’s great to have it confirmed.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

This week I’m deepening the Dialogue Road Map with the community in Greece that I have trained for the last two years. The community has its daily rhythms and I am enjoying the tranquillity and connection to nature that I lack in London.

The Wednesday Whisper

Is your rhythm constantly disrupted? How far away are you from your own natural rhythm and how can you get back in tune with it?


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