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… but it isn’t lunatic, it’s lovely.

In the stressful moments, don’t we all dream of how to make a living by not doing much? This might just be the opportunity that we have all been waiting for.

Well, you can earn money by becoming a poo donor.

It turns out there is a not-for-profit stool bank. They pay you for poo. $40 a go with a bonus offer of $50 more for those who can deliver five times per week.

That’s potentially $250 per week, or $13,000 for stuff that you were doing anyway.

Healthy poo is collected because of a horrible bacterium called C. Diff which infects the bowels and can lead to a whole heap of very unpleasant and possibly life threatening illnesses. So they take a nice, healthy poo and put it into the guts of a patient who is suffering from bad colon bacteria. The healthy poo wipes out all of the dangerous microorganisms and gives the patient a healthy digestive system. And, it works. Eighty-five percent of patients are completely rid of C. Diff after their first go.

This means that being a poo donor is potentially helping to save somebody’s life. 

There are conditions to becoming a poo donor:

  • You’ve got to live near Boston.
  • Your poo has to pass a test.
  • If your poo is deemed healthy, you can donate for 60 days before having another health check.

Anyone fancy a 60 day holiday to Boston?

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

This article has given me a sense of marvel. I’m marvelling at how wonderful we are as humans to keep striving to find ways to serve and help life.

The Wednesday Whisper

Who has helped your life? How did it help? Did you re-pay or pay it forward?


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