Image of the world at night
Image of the world at night

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The End Is Nigh… Or Maybe Not


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


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Predicting The End Of The World

Hunting around YouTube, I managed to find a lot of ‘end of the world’ predictions signalled for this month. One date, 2nd April, passed without incident unless you count David jamming the washing machine door as apocalyptic (there are a million things I could say here about our laundry but I won’t). The next date is 11th April which would be a shame because I have a couple of interesting things in the diary.

But it did get me thinking about why anyone would want to predict the end of the world and then try to engage others in this belief. Of course, I am not saying it isn’t possible. The world could end before I finish typing this………….aaargh (only joking) blog. What I am wondering is why anyone would want to waste time worrying about something over which we would have no control.

Is it a driver to complete that bucket list, a way of imagining relief from an irredeemable world or just the creation of another club?

For my part, I accept that there’s lots of stuff I don’t know, don’t have control over, and don’t make a difference to. So I am content to concentrate on now and the energy of love and let the future be just that.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

This topic did cause me to think about what I’d like my last moment to be like. And I would want to have told the people I most care about how much I love them. And I want that anyway and try to do it as much as possible so it’s all good.

The Wednesday Whisper

What would you want for your last moments on earth and what stops you having it now?


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