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The Dartmoor Difference part three.


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From the DRM Facilitators

The DRM is having a positive effect in the prison so over the next few weeks I’m sharing some of the amazing case studies. These are written by our team and I’m only sorry I can’t share their names and give them the credit they truly deserve for doing this work.

A young man in his twenties had been banned from every wing and the DRM was his last hope. He was considered to be the most disruptive person in the prison. He has been bullied for most of his life because of a trait that stands out. Working with two DRM Facilitators who showed him care and compassion, he is now the wing cleaner, drug free, working towards enhanced status, engaging with the drugs workers and attending a course in the prison. He has had no violent incidents for 3 months compared to the 140 that preceded his DRM engagement. He sits in dialogue circles and engages in conversation and has recently begun to develop his talent for rapping. He is even considering that his past might not have to define his future.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I am truly humbled by the men that have taken the DRM into their hearts are sharing it beyond what I imagined.

The Wednesday Whisper

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