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From the DRM Facilitators

The DRM is having a positive effect in the prison so over the next few weeks I’m going to share some of the amazing case studies.  These are written by our team and I’m only sorry I can’t share their names and give them the credit they truly deserve for doing this work.

A 78 year old man with a terminal illness lost his appeal and is forced to accept his life in prison after a life of recognised service. With more years left on his sentence than his prognosis, he has had to come to terms with the possibility of dying in prison. Our DRM facilitators created a safe space (emotionally safe spaces are rare in jail) for him to express his feelings at the lowest point of his life. Later, he expressed how the DRM was there for him. He was so moved by the experience he has applied to become a DRM Facilitator on our next training despite the enormity of his own struggles.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I’m working on the basis of Paying it Forward. So many people helped me to become who I am that I love passing on the skills and demonstrating that people who are called ‘criminals’ are capable and willing to help others.

The Wednesday Whisper

Who helped you and who do you help?


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