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How does a bunch of lightweights ruin a whole ecosystem?

Researchers attempted to take a biomass census of the entire Earth. Apparently life on earth comprises of some 550 Gigatons of carbon (Gt C), and basically, most of that is made up of plants.

Broken down into categories like animals, fungi, archaea, marine invertebrates and livestock, they included viruses. Plants comprise about 450 GT C, bacteria account for 70 GT C, fungi make up 12 GT C, archaea are 7 GT C, and protists are 4 GT C.

This is where it gets interesting, all animals make up 2 GT C. Humans make up only 0.06 GT C, less than everything else alive, meaning that humans account for just 0.01% of carbon weight on Earth.

The researchers chose carbon mass because it’s independent of water content (so thus less variable) and were able  to find biomass samples from a number of different locations around the world, representing all sorts of environments and used that to come up with an estimate for all of planet Earth.

So, of course, this is inexact but it does offer a powerful assessment of our position on the planet.

Amazing when you consider the amount of damage we are doing.

Lunatic Leadership in perspective?

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I’m asking myself: How can I limit the damage I do to the planet while still fully participating in society and abundantly enjoying my life?

The Wednesday Whisper

What one small extra thing could you do that reduces harm to the planet?


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