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Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


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A Tory majority.

For some people the election result brings a sense of safety for their business and financial interests. For others the election result brings fear of what will happen to the poorer, more disadvantaged and marginalised people in our society. Whichever way it lands for you it’s important to remember that schools will be open, hospitals will be open, courts will be open, job centres will be open. If our statutory services are going to deteriorate further, as some predict, then the time is now to actually start helping.

There are many charities and social enterprises out there doing great work in the justice, healthcare, education and welfare systems. Change begins at the Grass Roots with people uniting and standing in solidarity. The Centre for Peaceful Solutions was founded on the coat tails of a grass roots movement made up of parents of children who had been killed on the streets in Brent. These parents united and made the police and local authority listen.

All over the UK there are amazing small charities and community groups doing local work. They know the reality of how things are. Decide on a social issue that you want to support and find them, engage with them, help them, learn from them. Volunteer. Spread the word about them.

Every single person can make a difference. Build coalitions and alliances. Join forces and work out what kind of world you want to be part of creating in five, ten and twenty years from now. Become a voice that cannot be ignored because you have the evidence and experience to show. Be the change you want to see in the world. And know that nothing will change without momentum and if you don’t start then next week, next month and next year nothing will have changed.

Anything less is self-imposed dis-empowerment.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I’m in Dartmoor Prison this week, grateful for the opportunity to make a difference.


The Wednesday Whisper

How are you making a difference?


I’m taking a break from the blog. See you the other side of the New Year. See you again on the 8th January.
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