Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness Moments

Your body is but a vessel for your subconscious.

When you examine this idea, it will open up a consciousness far beyond your physical body. In the last decades, the physical appearance has become a distorted focal point with more attention  on the outer shell. And while keeping our physical body healthy and strong is vital,  taking the time to nourish from within is what makes a human being successful and attractive.


But how do you change the way your body feels if it’s been fed a perverted image of how it should look on the surface?  especially given that few of us are anything like the media images,


Brain Power

It is scientifically proven that our thoughts are power. If you down talk to yourself too often your brain will build a neural loop, it will rewire itself. The neural network (your brain’s electrical circuit) will always look for an established pathway and this means that you will become predisposed to reacting a certain way.


Nourish yourself from within.

The good news is that humans are amazing. We can change the way we think about something. If we look for and acknowledge the things that make us happy. If we take the time to enjoy those special moments. If we find gratitude in everyday little things we can rewire our thoughts and feed ourselves from within.


Talk nicely about yourself. Your body can hear you.

With love, light and gratitude. Maria Arpa -x-


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