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Anyone else want to give up Facebook?

Last month I bought a newer smartphone and the apps work much better. Happy with my purchase I started fiddling with it and lo and behold, I find myself looking at Facebook more often. I have managed to turn off notifications so I choose when I see it and it doesn’t prompt me but truthfully, I wonder if looking at FB has become an unwelcome habit.

We all know that FB keeps our information and does things with it but a little digging revealed something that really bothered me.

Facebook collects data before you press “POST”. As you are crafting your message, Facebook collects your keystrokes. This means that if you type something and then think better of it before positing, FB has kept it. It uses this data to study self-censorship.

Of course it uses everything you volunteer about yourself but did you know they use you as a guinea pig in academic research? Furthermore, if you don’t provide as much information as FB would like, it creates a shadow profile based on information it has collected that you didn’t provide. Facebook may have an alternate email address, your phone numbers, and your home address helpfully supplied by friends who are trying to find you and connect. Even worse, Facebook collects your face.

There’s what Facebook does with this data over and above its own research and marketing and then there is what it provides to Governments who demand information.

Of course, many people argue that if they are leading a law abiding life then there is nothing to worry about. Not so, it only takes one lunatic leader to come into possession of this information and he/she could target people based on a profile of choice. Then what? Of course it will never happen….

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I’m now working on mindfully noticing when I go to look at FB and asking myself whether I really need to and breathing slowly instead.

The Wednesday Whisper

How’s your social media habit?


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