Playing chess aggressively
Playing chess aggressively

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Engaging in power driven narcissism


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Let’s not talk about Trump

Donald Trump seems to upset and anger great numbers of people with his remarks and his actions. What interests me is the level of engagement he creates. So, from what I read, I notice that he has high narcissistic tendencies. We all have narcissistic tendencies, it’s just that some people have higher levels of this trait. Researchers have identified two types of narcissism; vulnerable and grandiose. I have come across both those tendencies and sometimes both in the same person and I’m not saying I haven’t seen some of those tendencies in myself. The differentiating factor for whether there is potential for abuse is how much the person with these tendencies craves power and what they will do to get it.

So, using Trump as an example, he went out of his way to get power and many people don’t like what he is doing with it. What amazes me is how much people actually inadvertently fuel this power by engaging in what he says or does. Now, I am not saying people should not protest if they don’t like something. They absolutely should. What matters is how they protest. I see a society obsessed with commenting on every tweet, every movement and every comment. This will fuel the power seeker to seek more power.

There are clear channels for making those protests that do not require anyone to pay any attention to the ‘noise’ coming from the power seeker. It is a disciplined approach which requires us to understand our triggers. Hold back from reacting and learn to respond from a place of self-empowerment.

So, for example, if someone wants to leave a marriage that is fuelled with narcissistic abuse, there is no sense in engaging with the abuser. The job is to set boundaries, stick to them, use the correct legal procedures and never give any unnecessary attention to the abuser. This is really difficult to do without the right support and I come across many people who have engaged in endless conversations trying to reason with someone who cannot be reasoned with. Things only begin to change for the better when the person takes control of their own life and realises that they need to claim their own personal power and the abuser will never help them to do that.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I can name a few times in my life that I was taken in by ‘grandiose narcissism’ and I learned that it only stopped when I starved it of oxygen.

The Wednesday Whisper

Where in your life do you experience narcissistic tendencies and how do you deal with it? To what extent do you see it in yourself?


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