The Dialogue Road Map (DRM), is based on a set of core principles which inform our attitude to life and how we navigate our relationships. The Dialogue Road Map produces a mindful approach to self talk, interpersonal communication and conflict resolution and uses precision in language to get clarity on how others receive us.

 2021: The Dialogue Road Map Facilitator Course:

Applications are open for the 2021 training. Up to 12 participants will join this year long training program to become Dialogue Road Map Mediator Facilitators. This is a very rare opportunity to invest in your personal growth and professional development leading to a healthier and more balanced life and the possibility to take this training into your workplace or community offering a much needed service to our society.

Please read on and get in touch if you want to be kept informed as we begin the selection process. We’re looking for people who want to practice compassionately holding the space for transformation whilst maintaining boundaries, giving great client service and being sustainable. You will become part of a small, trusted group and so not everyone who applies will be accepted.

Dates will be agreed when we find our group and we aim to begin before the end of the year.

The course will be divided into 20 days in the calendar year*.

At the end of this training you will be ready to offer your services to your clients in the following applications:

  • Communication between parents and children for example helping parents set and maintain healthy boundaries without force or coercion.
  • Intimate partner relationships for example assisting a couple to make better quality agreements
  • Family dialogue for example helping a family have a conversation during or after a critical or difficult time
  • Friendship and Partnership disagreements for example working out how to resolve a trust issue
  • Workplace communication for example working with colleagues who need to work together but have fallen out
  • Neighbour disputes for example dealing with the problems of living in close proximity to neighbours with differing values
  • Extended family interference for example managing communication with a dominant family member
  • Individual transformative work for example helping an individual make changes or become unstuck from a current position.

This will be a one year training for a small, select group who wish to work self-employed in private practice.

 The course will comprise of:

  • 20 days of training over one year (Split into 3-5 day modules)
  • Opening with 3 days in person training
  • Monthly Zoom discussions
  • Minimum of 2x group practice sessions per month
  • One to one coaching sessions
  • Opportunities to see the work in action
  • Opportunities to learn about the Dartmoor Prison Project
  • Supervision for your work

*In person or on Zoom Video Conferencing to be decided.

 Post training:

  • Ongoing supervision, training and practice
  • Working under the DRM and Peaceful Solutions brand as part of our network with use of the logo
  • Being named as a DRM approved facilitator
  • Being recommended and endorsed by Maria Arpa and Peaceful Solutions
  • Support with marketing and guidance on running your practice
  • Inclusion in our policies and procedures
  • Support with obtaining a DBS check
  • Opportunities to be part of the charitable work
  • Opportunity to work towards becoming a trainer

Applications are open!

Do contact us if you have any questions about what is involved, or if you would be interested in being considered for this unique programme.