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Police called to Boris Johnson’s girlfriend’s flat.

There’s no avoiding the headlines about the police being called to Boris Johnson. Of course, as usual, the press and media have had a field day. The neighbours have been vilified. Boris Johnson has been vilified. And there’s no doubt that this is being used as a political circus.

Of course, I wasn’t there so I have no idea what really happened but we cannot just turn a blind eye to this whole matter.

Here’s what’s important. Involved is a man who is likely to become Prime Minister and what he and others in government say and do about this incident is critical to how we tackle domestic abuse as a nation.

  • At the time of writing, Boris has refused to answer questions about the incident.
  • Carrie Symonds, his girlfriend, has apparently claimed she had been “stitched up” and she is ‘too scared’ to return to her flat after being subjected to what she believes to be a hate campaign.
  • Jeremy Hunt, the other contender for Prime Minister said he thought the story was “irrelevant to the leadership debate”  and “What happens in people’s personal lives is really a matter for them”.

So let me put them straight.

Domestic abuse is a huge problem. It really matters if our leaders and governors are involved or even just ignoring domestic abuse. If we don’t shine a very public light on what goes on behind closed doors up and down the country, then society is a superficial sham with dark secrets. (Remember, in England and Wales, 2 women are killed per week by their partner and the police receive 100 domestic abuse calls per hour)

How to put this right:

Boris Johnson must openly discuss what happened.

Carrie Symonds should get herself a proper education on domestic abuse and help the public to understand whether or not she is a victim. She should then mediate with her neighbours and champion something for others who are victims.

And, we, the public need to express our disapproval of Jeremy Hunt and anyone else who believes that what goes on at home doesn’t matter in public leadership.

Finally, just so I can be transparent about my attachment to this subject, I really wish, when my daughter was 8 months pregnant having been forced to move to Chicago just a month before and her (now) ex-husband was hitting her and threatening her, on the day my mother died, that one of the neighbours had called the police. This is a man who believes he should be trusted in a leadership position and who aspires to public office.

Domestic Abuse is everyone’s business.

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