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Domestic Abuse

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Domestic Abuse


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When a global corporate recognises the effects of domestic abuse by offering 10 days’ paid leave and counselling to victims of domestic abuse, we can begin to realise the enormity of the problem. Vodafone’s survey of 4,715 workers across nine countries found 37% had experienced domestic violence or abuse, with 67% of those saying it affected their career progression. And recently, a council in Scotland became the first in Europe to offer 10 days of “safe leave” to victims.

While this is a wonderful initiative, much needed and highly laudable, the cynical part of me wonders how on earth line managers and HR departments will determine how to allocate the leave. How does an employee prove that they are a victim and not a perpetrator? Would the employee need to have called the police? Does the victim get 10 days leave and counselling even if they stay in the relationship? And how many victims are going to want their colleagues to know what has happened especially if they have been bullied at work and if they have already taken their holiday leave and then suddenly get another 10 days? I guess answering these questions would require a closer look at the policy and procedure. Police have already expressed how difficult it is to enforce the Coercive Control laws so I wonder how a corporate business is going to work with understanding the complexities and make these kinds of decisions?

And, knowing quite a lot about this topic, what I hope is that it is the beginning of a movement to address violence and abuse in families at a preventative level.

Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

Domestic abuse is a complex topic. It is not always as clear cut as having a victim and a perpetrator. Abuse can be subtle and unrecognisable. It can be passed down family lines. It can be transmitted between family members and be fraught with cultural contradictions. I’m interested in developing the education needed for young people to recognise abusive behaviour and the potential to become a victim or a perpetrator.

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Has abuse ever played a part in your family life? How have you dealt with it?


I’m at the beginning of formulating a plan for dealing with the topic of domestic abuse?

Would you be willing to send this out to anyone you think might be interested in joining in the conversation?