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Do I write a blog or do I take a break from it?


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I thought long and hard about this week’s blog because I’m supposed to be on holiday. One part of me said I should simply tell everyone that there will be no blog in August. Another part of me didn’t want to do that because writing  something every week has been a joyful discipline. So, I thought I could write something about the struggle of making a choice.

Sometimes people say, ‘I have to’ or ‘I have no choice’. This is a fallacy. We always have choice. Our options may be limited but assuming we are not held captive, chained to a wall with no free movement then we always have choice. In my opinion, when someone thinks they have no choice, what they are saying is that the risks of not doing it are too high. For example, ‘I have no choice, I have to go in early to work because my boss says so’ translates in two ways. My compassionate translation reads, ‘I make the choice to go in early because I don’t want to take the risk of losing my job / not getting promoted / being judged’. My less compassionate self translates this as, ‘I make the choice to go in early because I have been conditioned to live my life in a way that renders me powerless and I am too scared to contemplate another possibility’.

So I always have a choice. Sometimes I take the path of least resistance and sometimes I make things incredibly difficult for myself because I want the challenge.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I’m enjoying choosing to write this blog even though I’m about to leave to catch a train and haven’t finished packing yet. I do love that everything I do is a choice, a weighing up of future outcomes and a risk assessment that leads to an informed decision.

The Wednesday Whisper

What are you doing today that you could have made a different decision about?


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