Since 2004 we have shared conflict transformation skills with over 2000 people. Very often they come back and tell us how it worked for them. Sometimes they recommend that a friend or family member learns these skills also.

I love these stories because they demonstrate in real time how a simple shift can change relationships whether at home, at work or in the community.

Whenever I share those stories people feel inspired or motivated to make a change themselves. I share these stories when I train or when I give talks. Now with other forms of media, my son, Sam, a digital marketing wizard, has recommended that we get these stories out to a bigger audience so we can inspire more people.

My hope is that you will come to learn how words can be windows or walls. And, when conflict arises, words can harm or heal. Mainstream society teaches us very well how to harm with words, it takes a bit more digging to learn about the healing power of words.

So we’d like to deliver one story per week to you. Of course, the names have been changed but the substance of the stories is based on real life examples.

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