Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness Moments

When we talk about brain power we usually think of our grey matter. However, these days more scientists are tuning into the fact that the brain is only a small part of what makes us who we are and how we behave. So if humans use just a fraction of their potential brain power, what does influence our decisions?

A study published in the Psychological Science journal revealed how the body is able to speak intuitively to the mind. In order to prove this theory researchers developed a game that made people tune into their hunches. They hooked participants to a heart monitor to measure the electrical output, with the study revealing that the people who did well in the game were those who tuned into their heart rate. In other studies, scientists determined that love gives the greatest output of all emotions. I think that is wonderful.

Gut feelings and heart feelings are often only given a cursory nod, when in truth the brain, the gut and the heart all work together. When they are in tune humans can feel grounded and surer of themselves. Our ancestors had to be more in tune with themselves in order to survive. Modern living provides us with so many distractions and comforts that we don’t really need to rely on our hunches as much. That said, I’m sure that we can all recall a time when we wish we’d listened a little more closely.

Imagine what it might be like if you could always feel and interpret what your body is trying to convey.

I think that it would be incredible if everyone in the world chose to nourish themselves with the right stimulus to reconnect and communicate from a place of love.

Bev Porrino

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