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Blunder or Deliberate?


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness 


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Spit or split?

A man walked into a burger bar, ordered, paid for and ate his burger before reading the receipt…..

Of course there was an almighty fuss, the waitress was fired and the man was compensated. But I can’t help thinking the waitress meant to write, ‘please split it in two’. I know terrible things go on in the catering industry but I can’t believe that the waitress wrote it down as an instruction to the kitchen. I wonder how the conversation went when the customer saw the note having eaten the burger? These are exactly the types of situations where the way we communicate can drastically affect the outcome. Was it a shame the waitress was fired? And where was the chef in all this? How did he react to the instruction? I’m putting this down to a case of dyslexia.

On another note, I do remember in my old ad agency days one of our clients sent an invoice to a customer addressed to ‘Mr J This customer’s a right pain Smith’. The words, ‘This customer’s a right pain’ had somehow made their way onto the database; I’m guessing a trainee call centre assistant was being supervised whilst on the phone and communicated to the supervisor by typing onto the screen and then forgot to delete it. I’m going back a few years so it took months to get it changed on the monthly invoice.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

I’m thinking about how easy it is to make a blunder and the power of dialogue to clear it up.

The Wednesday Whisper

How do you react to blunders, your own or other’s?


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