As if last week’s kindness wasn’t enough….


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness


The Wednesday Whisper


…. If David hadn’t seen this with his own eyes…

On his way to a routine hospital appointment, David was just walking towards the entrance when he saw a postman approach a traffic warden who was writing tickets for a row of parked cars. The postman asked him if he could imagine how he was about to ruin the day for people who may be sick or have relatives who are sick. The postman explained that maybe people hadn’t understood the parking restrictions so the traffic warden agreed to give them more time. The postman went a little further and asked the traffic warden if he would go to the hospital reception with the registration numbers and see if the people could be identified if they were in the hospital.

As David was taking it all in, the traffic warden walked into the hospital and started collaborating with the receptionist who was helping to locate people.

This will never make the news yet it’s really important that we notice these amazing acts of kindness that are taking place all the time.


Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness

It was wonderful to come across the term ‘doomscrolling’ as a way of defining an addiction to looking at negative news that evidences what a rotten world we live in. And, in response, I am now making a habit of awareness of how wonderful people can be as evidence that life is a balance of light and dark.


The Wednesday Whisper

When was the last time you did something ‘out of the ordinary’ generous or kind just because you could? And when did you receive some ‘out of the ordinary’ generosity or kindness?

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