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This website invites you to explore how we can change our attitudes to conflict and better manage the disputes in our lives to improve our communities, families and workplaces.

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Using the Dialogue Road Map with Children

I’m always delighted by the way young people instinctively know when a conversation is authentic. When I work with young people I have learned that the greatest gift we can give them is to listen [...]

Using the Dialogue Road Map with a Significant Other

I often get feedback from core training participants that when they tried to use the Dialogue Road Map with their partner the other person reacted badly saying things like, ‘don’t use that stuff on me’ [...]

“This Isn’t Who I Am”

In our Live Mediation Theatre, actor Daniel Dresner was playing the role of Nick, in prison for GBH while Caroline Wildi played the part of despairing girlfriend, Abby. During one of their outbursts, Nick shouted, [...]

Live Mediation Theatre Fundraiser

On Wednesday all the hard work leading up to our event paid off. We raised between £13,000 and £15,000 after all costs. Final counting still to be done. How did we do it? Well, it [...]

Child Friendly Politics?

So a group called Momentum Kids is asking young children to imagine what political party their teddy bear would join. The website reads: “Bring your favourite toy to the workshop where we will imagine the [...]

Changing a Course of Action Using the DRM

Last week a friend called me up saying that he had received an unexpected email from a supplier. The supplier was undertaking a piece of work for an agreed price in an agreed timescale. My [...]