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The Centre for Peaceful Solutions is a social change charity with a vision of a society able to live in harmony with its values without violence and abuse. By working with people who experience conflict and violence in families, organisations and communities, we have developed The Dialogue Road Map – a framework for nonviolent communication which creates effective relationships, mutual respect, self responsibility and shared accountability. Our focus is on building restorative communities within prisons, schools and communities.

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  • charity-dark-side

Charity and the Dark Side

This week Charity and the Dark Side Plus… Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness  and the Wednesday Whisper Lunatic Leadership Oxfam asks - What will you do? Well in Oxfam’s case, in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, [...]

Schools Again

This week – Happy Valentine’s Day by the way - Schools Again Plus… Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness  and the Wednesday Whisper Lunatic Leadership Rich kids, Poor Kids A West Midlands school decided to stop children from playing with [...]

Dartmoor Prison: More News

Check out the article following a visit to the prison by journalist Hattie Garlick. Allowing journalists in always carries a risk and Hattie was clear that she wanted to hear things directly from the prisoners [...]

Dartmoor Prison NEWS:
Another Step Towards a Restorative Prison Community

After years of working in UK prisons and witnessing the transformative impact of the Dialogue Road Map on prisoners, I found myself coming back to the same question: “How can prisons become places of opportunity [...]

Aryan Airheads

This week Aryan Airheads Plus… Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness and the Wednesday Whisper Lunatic Leadership Shameful Experiments The world’s biggest car maker, Volkswagen, is busy doing PR damage limitation after it helped to fund experiments in which monkeys [...]

Twins Divided

This week Twins Divided Plus… Maria’s Midweek Mindfulness  and the Wednesday Whisper Lunatic Leadership When the system forgets that we are human I heard this story on the radio while driving around Chicago. A gay [...]